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Indira Abeldinova
Policy Analyst

Indira Abeldinova joined IPI in August 2013. As IPI’s Policy Analyst, Indira focuses on the impact of energy on security and promotion of energy cooperation to prevent and defuse energy-related conflicts. Indira also


Beatrice Agyarkoh
Events Coordinator

Beatrice T. Agyarkoh, a native of Ghana, joined IPI in April of 1998 and has held a number of positions within the organization. She is currently an Events Coordinator.

Beatrice's responsibilities include


Waleed Alhariri
Research Assistant for the Middle East Program

Waleed Alhariri is a research assistant for IPI’s Middle East Program, supporting the work of the Arab Forum for Citizenship in Transition (FACT)—a regional initiative led by civil society actors from Tunisia,


Alex Bellamy
Non-resident Senior Adviser

Alex Bellamy is a Non-resident Senior Adviser working on the 'Providing for Peacekeeping' program. Alex is currently Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility


Johanna Borstner
Office & Events Manager

Johanna Borstner has been Office Manager at IPI’s office in Vienna since October 2010. She manages the front office and is the first point of contact for visitors. Johanna is also responsible for bookkeeping,


Arthur Boutellis
Non-resident Adviser

Arthur's work focuses on the relationship between the United Nations and regional organizations in Africa, the management of UN peace operations, UN integrated strategic planning, peacekeeping, organized crime, DDR,


Craig Charney
Non-resident Senior Adviser

Craig Charney, Senior Adviser to the International Peace Institute, is a pollster and political scientist and an expert on public opinion in the Middle East and Muslim Asia, conflict resolution, and fragile states. As


Pamela Corn
Adviser for Development

Pamela Corn joined IPI in March 2008. As IPI’s Adviser for Development, Pamela is tasked with strengthening its development strategy and securing new sources of funding. Pamela also works with each program to produce


Mary Anne Feeney
Director of Events

Mary Anne Feeney joined the International Peace Institute (IPI) in November 2007. She currently works as part of the Management Team as the Director of Events. In this capacity, she manages an event planning team and


Néjib Friji
Director, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Office

Néjib Friji joined IPI in 2015 as Director of its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Office in Manama, Bahrain.

In a career with the United Nations spanning 25 years, Mr. Friji began at New York


Mohammad Saleem Hashim
Office Manager

Mohammad Saleem joined IPI on January 2, 2014 as the Office Manager of IPI's Regional Middle East Office in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. He manages the front office and is the first point of contact for visitors.


Rita E. Hauser
Chair of the IPI Board of Directors

Rita E. Hauser has been Chair of the IPI Board of Directors since 1993.

Dr. Hauser is President of The Hauser Foundation. She is an international lawyer and was a senior partner for more than twenty years at


Zelia Herrera
Director of Human Resources

Zelia G. Herrera joined IPI in 1994. As Director of Human Resources, she is charged with the daily running of the office as well as managing Human Resources. In IPI's accounting and financial areas, she is responsible


John L. Hirsch
Senior Adviser

John L. Hirsch is currently a senior adviser to IPI President Terje Rød-Larsen after having held various positions at IPI, including Vice President and Acting Head of the Africa Program. He is also Adjunct Professor at


Warren Hoge
Senior Adviser for External Relations

Warren Hoge joined IPI as Vice President and Director of External Relations in June 2008. In more than three decades as an editor and foreign correspondent at the New York Times, he served as Bureau Chief in


Walter Kemp
Senior Director for Europe and Central Asia

Walter Kemp is Director for Europe and Central Asia, based at IPI’s office in Vienna.

He joined IPI in August 2010 after serving for four years as spokesman and speechwriter at the United Nations Office on


Lamii Moivi Kromah
Research Fellow, Center for Peace Operations

Lamii Moivi Kromah serves as Research Fellow with the Center for Peace Operations at IPI. His work focuses on global peacekeeping deployments, protection of civilians (POC), peace building, humanitarian action and the


Emmanuel Letouzé
Non-resident Adviser

Emmanuel Letouzé is an IPI Non-resident Adviser working in the areas of new technologies in peacebuilding and conflict prevention, as well as statebuilding and civilian capacities. He is a regular consultant for the UN


Adam Lupel
Director of Research and Publications

Adam Lupel came to IPI in June 2006. He is responsible for directing the editing, production, and dissemination of all IPI books, policy reports, and related publications. Adam also maintains an active research agenda


Youssef Mahmoud
Senior Adviser

Youssef Mahmoud is a Senior Adviser IPI supporting the Africa, Middle East, and peace operations programs and serves as focal point on mediation policies and practices. Before retiring from the United Nations in January


Francesco Mancini
Non-resident Senior Adviser

Francesco Mancini is Non-resident Senior Adviser at IPI, where he was Senior Director of Research before relocating to Singapore in June 2014. His work focuses on geostrategic analysis, global risks, multilateral


Marisa McCrone
Assistant Production Editor

Marisa is the Assistant Production Editor at the International Peace Institute (IPI). She is involved with the editing and production of IPI books, policy reports, issue briefs, and research publications. Before joining


Maximilian M. Meduna
Policy Analyst

Max Meduna joined IPI in August 2013 as a Policy Analyst. At the Vienna office, Max is focusing on research projects and policy consulting related to peace operations, fragile states and international security. Max was


Jilla Moazami
Executive Assistant to the President

Jilla Moazami, a native of Iran and longtime resident of France, joined IPI in 2000 as Assistant to the President. As the principal liaison between the President's office, IPI board members, and staff, she manages the


Amanda Murchison
Administrative Assistant

Amanda joined IPI in October of 2013. As the administrative assistant, Amanda works with the Human Resources and the Finance department. She is in charge of the day to day office needs, as well as other administrative


Thong Nguyen
Program Administrator

Thong Nguyen is Data Lab program administrator at the International Peace Institute, having previously served IPI as editorial assistant. He is also non-resident fellow of the Future Worlds Project at Carnegie Council


Marie O'Reilly
Editor and Research Fellow

Marie O'Reilly serves as IPI's Editor and Research Fellow. She manages the editing, production, and dissemination of all IPI books, policy reports, and related publications, and is co-editor of IPI’s


Andrea OSúilleabháin
Senior Policy Analyst

Andrea (Laidman) Ó Súilleabháin joined IPI in January 2013. She currently works on inclusive peacebuilding at the country and international policy level, South-South cooperation among fragile states, and the role of


Omar El Okdah
Senior Policy Analyst

Omar El Okdah joined IPI in November 2012. Omar focuses on research projects and policy consulting related to transition in the Arab world in the post-2011 political climate and regional cooperation in the Middle East


Andres Pena
Facilities Assistant

Andres Pena joined IPI in the fall of 2008, and works in the finance and administration department, supporting the events team and carrying out various facilities tasks.

Before joining IPI, Andres worked as a


Andrea Pfanzelter
Senior Director, IPI Vienna

Andrea Pfanzelter is the Director of IPI in Vienna, in charge of developing and coordinating new initiatives. In addition, since June 2014, as IPI’s Senior Director of Resource Development she is responsible for the


Hardeep Singh Puri
Secretary-General of the ICM and IPI Vice President

During a career spanning 39 years, Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri has served as both Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations in Geneva and New York. During his assignment in New York from 2009-13,


Maureen Quinn
Senior Director of Programs

Maureen Quinn joined IPI as a senior adviser in November 2011 and is now Senior Director of Programs. During her twenty-five year career as a diplomat of the United States, she has served as the United States Ambassador


Camilla Reksten-Monsen
Special Assistant to the President


Apolinar Reynoso
Information Technology Administrator

Apolinar Reynoso joined IPI in 1998. He is responsible for the administration of IPI's local area network (LAN). He provides technical support and help desk assistance, and he addresses technical problems relating to


Terje Rød-Larsen

Terje Rød-Larsen has been President of the International Peace Institute since January 2005. He serves concurrently as UN Under-Secretary-General and the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Implementation of


Michael Sarnitz
Adviser, Polio Eradication and Health & Peace

Michael Sarnitz joined IPI in March 2014 as an adviser for IPI projects on polio eradication and peace & health. In his role, Michael focuses on the nexus between health and security with a regional emphasis on


Annie Schmidt
Data & Design Coordinator

Annie Schmidt joined IPI in April 2009. As part of the Data & Design Team, Annie is responsible for coordinating IPI visual presentations, webcasting events, providing web support, and administering the Salesforce


Adam Smith
Director of the Center for Peace Operations

Adam Smith is Director of the Center for Peace Operations. Since joining IPI in 2006, his work has focused on a variety of political, technical, and policy matters related to UN peace operations, such as the management


Micheal R. Snyder
Research Assistant

Michael R. Snyder is a research assistant for the Center for Peace Operations at IPI, where he supports the Center’s research and policy agenda related to issues of peacekeeping deployments, peacebuilding, and new


Jill Stoddard
Director of Web & Multimedia and Web Editor

Jill Stoddard oversees IPI's online presence including IPI's Global Observatory.

Jill is a two-time Webby-award winner formerly with Columbia Business


Taimi Strehlow
Program Administrator

Taimi Strehlow develops and monitors budgets and coordinates various activities for IPI’s thematic, regional, and training programs.

Before joining IPI, Taimi managed a modern dance company, curated a dance


Ana Tangarife
Facilities Manager


Marvin Eliza Trujillo
Events Administrator

Marvin Eliza Trujillo joined IPI in May of 2000 as an Administrative Assistant. Currently, she is IPI’s Events Administrator. In this capacity, she supports all administrative functions related to the events


Jose Vericat

Jose joined IPI in May 2011 to work on the Middle East program.

Before joining IPI, Jose worked for several years in press relations at the European Council. Previously, he served as a reporter for international


Allison White
Development Officer

Allison joined IPI in October 2012. As part of the Development Team, she supports the Institute’s grant-making efforts and is responsible for expanding IPI’s new Membership Program and strengthening the


Paul Williams
Non-resident Senior Adviser

Paul Williams is a Non-resident Senior Adviser working on the “Providing for Peacekeeping” project. Paul is currently an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Security Policy Studies program in the


David Witt
Senior Director of Operations

David Witt joined IPI in October 2006 as Director of Finance & Administration. In this role, he oversees financial management and reporting, program operations, legal and regulatory compliance, human resources,


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IPI is grateful to our generous friends and donors who provide both intellectual and financial support. Their contributions help us in a very practical way to achieve program objectives, and their leadership is an invaluable resource to our organization.

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