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Coping With Crisis

Coping with Crisis is a multi-year research and policy-facilitation program that works to inform and assist decision makers in the UN, multilateral organizations, member state capitals, and civil society to address emerging security challenges and strengthening multilateral response capacities.

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Program Staff

Taimi Strehlow
Program Administrator

CWC Working Paper Series

In this series of Working Papers, IPI has asked leading experts to undertake a mapping exercise, presenting an assessment of critical challenges to human and international security. A first group of papers provides a horizontal perspective, examining the intersection of multiple challenges in specific regions of the world. A second group takes a vertical approach, providing in-depth analysis of global challenges relating to organized violence, poverty, population trends, public health, and climate change, among other topics.

The Working Papers have three main objectives:

1) to advance the understanding of these critical challenges and their interlinkages;
2) to assess capacities to cope with these challenges and to draw scenarios for plausible future developments; and
3) to offer a baseline for longer-term research and policy development.

CWC Working Paper Series - Publications