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The 2014 participants

Conferences - Sunday, June 22, 2014

Real World Lessons Inform 2014 IPI Course in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution

The 2014 Advanced Course in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, held June 22-25, led an array of international diplomats through three days of in-depth lectures, negotiation and public speaking exercises. This year’s course emphasized the practical application of negotiation and consensus-building techniques at the United Nations. In a conversational setting, Ambassador Mirsada Čolaković, the Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations, shared a perspective on representing an elected member on the Security Council. Ambassador Abdullah Alsaidi, the former Permanent Representative of Yemen to the United Nations and Jimena Leiva-Roesch from the Permanent Mission of Guatemala to the UN provided insights on multilateral negotiations related to climate change, the Millennium Development Goals and other topics.

The annual course is taught by a team of policy experts from the fields of international security and diplomacy.

Other sessions were led by Professor Seth Freeman, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA); Stephanie Silverman, Executive Coach, Silverman Speech Consulting, Maureen Quinn, IPI Director of Programs; and IPI Senior Advisers Youssef Mahmoud and John Hirsch.

The course was established in 2012 and offers advanced training in diplomacy, negotiation and conflict resolution to mid-career diplomats. The course blends theory and practice, and places a strong emphasis on developing the practical skills needed in modern diplomacy.

The Global Observatory

Overlooked Among 50 Million Displaced Worldwide, Women and Girls Lose Out
Women affected by forced displacement still struggle to access the most basic services, but some initiatives offer useful lessons for the UN and NGO communities.

Key Global Events to Watch in October
A list of key upcoming meetings and events with implications for global affairs.

2014 Top 10 Issues to Watch in Peace & Security: The Global Arena
A list of ten key issues to watch that are likely to impact international peace and security in 2014, compiled by IPI's Francesco Mancini.

The Global Observatory, produced by IPI, provides timely analysis on peace and security issues, interviews with leading policymakers, interactive maps, and more.

Recent Events

October 09, 2014
Rethinking Women and Forced Migration
The drastic increase in conflicts around the globe has seen the world’s displaced population pass 55 million people, and the fact that 80% of them are women and children is prompting many to rethink how the international community is responding.

October 09, 2014
Africa: China’s Second Continent
Speaking at an IPI Distinguished Author Series event on October 9th, author Howard French made a case for how Western underestimation of Africa’s economic promise has enabled China to establish an economic and human presence on the continent, leading to the permanent migration there of nearly 2 million Chinese.

September 30, 2014
Vike-Freiberga: Rethinking the United Nations
In a speech delivered at IPI on September 30th, Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga gave a sobering historical analysis of the gains and setbacks made by the international system over the past century and, focusing on the UN, she called for a rethinking of the organization’s structure and approach to peace.

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