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Middle East

IPI’s Middle East Program focuses on broad, cross-regional research and the facilitation of policy dialogue. Particular emphasis is placed on helping the Middle East peace process move forward through third-party involvement.

The program has three primary areas: 1) research and analysis focusing on qualitative projects, such as public opinion research, with the aim of injecting local voices into decision making at the UN; 2) the facilitation of policy dialogue through the convening of forums and workshops; 3) a Middle East Peace Process Compendium, to be published by Oxford University Press.

Recent Highlights:
SRSG Ian Martin: Libya Elections “An Extraordinary Achievement”
Managing Transitions in the Arab World
The Impact of the Uprisings: IPI Vienna Seminar 2012

Program Staff

Terje Rød-Larsen
Maureen Quinn
Director of Programs
Jose Vericat
Omar El Okdah
Policy Analyst