Security Dynamics in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

IPI hosted a launch event for one of its newest volumes entitled Security Dynamics in Africa’s Great Lakes Region.

Uniquely presenting a compilation of incisive papers by seasoned scholars on the region, the volume highlights the intersection of peace, security and governance in the Great Lakes Region, and assesses the prospects for durable peace, security, and democratization. It precisely covers topics from: Governance and Security in Rwanda, Burundi at a crossroads, Congo in the Great Lakes Conflict, Nonstate Actors and Governance in Uganda, the Economic Dimensions of Conflict in the Region, and South Africa’s and the United Nations’ Roles as major external actors.

The panel included the editor of the volume, Dr. Gilbert M. Khadiagala, Independent Consultant, formerly Associate Professor of African Studies at Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, and Professor Margaret Vogt, of the Department of Political Affairs, United Nations.

H.E. Mr. Augustine Mahiga, Permanent Mission of Tanzania to the United Nations served as the Chair.