The Search for Peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Finding the way to peace in the Middle East continues to be one of the great challenges of international diplomacy. The Search for Peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict is a comprehensive volume of all relevant documents on the Arab-Israeli conflict over the past century.

Amid a growing documentary literature on this topic, this book is unique for its holistic and multidimensional lens. It offers annotated peace agreements; peace proposals; and relevant Israeli, Palestinian, regional, and UN documents since the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. It also presents an account of key moments in the recent history of the Middle East peace process and includes a set of newly commissioned maps by the former chief cartographer at the United Nations.

The book demonstrates that many brave attempts have been made to bring peace to this troubled region. It will also serve as a useful record and reference tool for students, analysts, policymakers, and negotiators seeking to learn from and draw on the experiences of the past, in the hopes of finding a conclusive peace agreement that will close the book on the oldest and most complicated conflict in the Middle East.

The Search for Peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict is a project of the International Peace Institute, published by Oxford University Press.

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I. Peace Agreements and the Disengagement from Gaza
II. Peace Proposals and Ideas
III. UN Documents on the Question of Palestine
IV. Regional Documents
V. Israeli and Palestinian Domestic Documents