IPI, ICRC Hosts Discussion on Challenges and Dilemmas of Humanitarian Negotiations

IPI and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) co-hosted a workshop to review critically the findings of the Humanitarian Negotiations Exchange (HNx) project, an initiative introduced by the ICRC to enhance informal exchanges and peer learning among professionals engaged in negotiations and mediations in situations of armed conflict and other situations of violence. Participants examined preliminary trend analysis and discussed them with professionals in the field of negotiation and mediation.

The presentation of the HNx observations by Claude Bruderlein, Strategic Advisor to ICRC President, prompted discussion of the challenges and dilemmas as identified so far. Alain Lempereur of Brandeis University and Ashley Jackson of the Overseas Development Institute provided a critical review of the observations from negotiation theory and policy perspectives. Participants also examined trends and strategies of frontline negotiations from field practitioners, in a discussion facilitated by IPI Senior Director of Programs Maureen Quinn with ICRC Head of Delegation in Iraq Patrick Youssef and Cedric Schweizer, former Head of ICRC Delegation in Yemen.