Peace Operations and Prevention for Sustaining Peace: The Restoration and Extension of State Authority

As member states continue to discuss what sustaining peace means in practice, it is important to examine how peace operations can be designed and implemented to help build self-sustaining peace rather than just prevent relapse into conflict. In particular, considering most current peace operations are deployed in countries with weak state institutions, we should consider how they can support the return and extension of state authority.

This issue brief focuses on what activities peace operations can undertake that would contribute toward sustaining peace under a mandate to restore and extend state authority. It suggests that the primacy of politics, people-centered approaches, context-sensitive analysis, performance legitimacy, and rule of law, rather than simply stabilization, must drive this process.

This issue brief is part of the International Peace Institute’s (IPI) attempt to reframe prevention for the purpose of sustaining peace through a series of conversations from October 2016 to May 2017.