Leading for Peace: Erik Solheim, Executive Director of UN Environment

On April 25, IPI is hosting the next event in its Leading for Peace: Voices from the Field event series, featuring Erik Solheim, Executive Director of UN Environment, who will discuss how the environment can be a powerful ally when it comes to preventing conflict and sustaining peace.

Remarks will begin at 1:15pm EST.

Mr. Solheim will reflect on how violence against the environment creates harmful social and economic impact, which can lead to the escalation of conflict and civil strife. He will explain how innovative policies, structures and practices can instead use the environment to meet human needs, uphold justice and lay the foundations for lasting peace. He will also show how the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a strategic gateway for this approach to deliver benefits far beyond the environment or peacebuilding.

Following an extensive career focusing on environment and development in government and international organizations, Mr. Solheim became Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme on May 13, 2016. Prior to joining UN Environment, Mr. Solheim was the chair of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the main body of the world’s development donors. He emphasized the role of private sector and tax in development finance, spearheading the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership and the Addis Tax Initiative. He focused on the need to channel more aid to least-developed countries, and expanding the Development Assistance committee to new members and partners.

Mr. Erik Solheim, Executive Director of UN Environment

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, Senior Adviser, International Peace Institute