Protecting Civilians and Managing Threats

On October 26th, IPI together with the French Ministry of Armed Forces’ Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands cohosted a seminar on “Protecting Civilians and Managing Threats: Non-state Armed Groups, Violent Extremism, and the Role of UN Peace Operations.”

Session 1: Engaging with armed groups for the Protection of Civilians

Session 2: Protection of Civilians in Contexts of Violent Extremism: the case of Mali

This seminar explored difficulties faced by UN peace operations to protect civilians in complex environments, where creative solutions are needed to address non-state armed groups and violent extremism. It provided the opportunity to present and discuss two IPI policy papers focusing on “engaging armed groups for the protection of civilians” and “protecting civilians in contexts of violent extremism and counter-terrorism.” Both papers were published in October as part of IPI’s Protection of Civilians project.

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