Addressing Contemporary Protection Challenges in Complex Crises

On November 2nd, IPI hosted the latest event in its series featuring United Nations humanitarian coordinators and other senior humanitarian leaders. This discussion with Mr. Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), focused on pressing contemporary protection challenges, as well as the forthcoming Global Compact on Refugees.

Given the complex nature of conflicts and other crises today, protecting refugees from violence and providing for their needs presents a number of challenges. An increase in armed conflicts has led to massive displacement, with 68.5 million internally displaced persons and refugees in dire need of humanitarian protection.

This event raised awareness of the challenges faced by the UN, states, and other actors in responding to a range of protection challenges for refugees. It also addressed the forthcoming Global Compact on Refugees and its importance for the protection of displaced populations.

Mr. Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, United Nations Refugee Agency

Dr. Adam Lupel, Vice President, IPI