IPI MENA Director and Bahrain Speaker Vow Cooperation on Women’s Role in Law-making, Sustainable Development, and Peace

Speaker of the Council of Representatives H.E. Fawzia Zainal, IPI MENA Director Nejib Friji, IPI MENA Policy Analyst Dalya Al Alawi

IPI MENA Director Nejib Friji and H.E. Fawzia Zainal, Speaker of the Council of Representatives (Parliament) to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the first woman to be elected as Speaker, made a commitment to further uphold women’s rights and encourage their political participation across all sectors of society to achieve a culture of peace through the engagement of Parliamentarians as lawmakers.

During a February 24th meeting, both parties agreed that additional efforts are needed to encourage and support women as stipulated through the reforms put forward by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and the National Action Charter (NAC).

Stressing the importance of men working alongside women in efforts to promote gender equity, the Speaker of Parliament supported IPI MENA’s initiative to engage Parliamentarians, both in the Kingdom of Bahrain and through their counterparts in the MENA region and beyond, to assess the progress achieved in advancing women’s political participation and ways forward to build on progresses to further ensure full integration within political, economic, social, and cultural structures.

Accompanied by IPI MENA Policy Analyst Dalya Al Alawi, Mr. Friji congratulated the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Parliament for electing a woman as their Speaker, emphasizing the importance of women as active participants and positive drivers of change.

The Speaker awarded IPI MENA Director Friji the Parliament’s Shield as a token of recognition for IPI’s role in serving sustainable and world peace.