A Conversation with Dr. Asle Toje on The Prestige of Peace: The Nobel Prize in Context

On November 6th, IPI hosted a discussion on “The Prestige of Peace: The Nobel Prize in Context” featuring Dr. Asle Toje, a member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

The Nobel Peace Prize is world-renowned as the most prestigious recognition of achievements in the pursuit of peace. This event will focus on the history of the prize, how it contributes to the promotion of peace in today’s world, and how it will do so in the future.

Asle Toje is the former Research Director at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo and a current member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. He is also an influential public intellectual and commentator. Since completing his PhD at Cambridge in 2006, Toje has lectured and taught at universities in Europe and beyond. His research focuses on the intersection of security studies and European studies. Among his scholarly works are America, the EU and Strategic Culture (2008); The European Union as a Small Power (2010); Neoclassical Realism in Europe (2012); and Will China’s Rise Be Peaceful? (2018).

The event was moderated by Dr. Adam Lupel, Vice President of IPI.