Independent Reviews of UN Peace Operations: The Way Forward

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On November 4th, IPI together with the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN, and the French Ministry of the Armies cohosted a virtual policy forum on “Independent Reviews of UN Peace Operations: The Way Forward.”

UN peace operations are partnership enterprises requiring complementary efforts by member states, UN officials, national stakeholders, and international partners. Evaluating these missions’ strategies, performance, and impact can often be a difficult task for the UN because these stakeholders have distinct and often competing interests. These dynamics, fueled by breakdowns in trust, gave rise to the practice of independently reviewing UN peace operations.

Independent reviews have become increasingly popular tools for the UN and its member states. Nineteen independent reviews have taken place since the practice first emerged in 2017. These reviews have been requested by both the UN Security Council and the secretary-general and have covered multidimensional peacekeeping operations and field-based special political missions. Independent reviews are designed to provide stronger political credibility for rigorous assessments of a peace operation’s strategic orientation. But given the diverse processes and incentives that shape them, independent reviews are best understood as complex analytical processes as well as highly political undertakings.

This policy forum featured assessments of independent reviews and offer reflections about this growing practice within the ecosystem of UN peace operations. Panelists highlighted their experiences with the practice, discuss its evolution and intricacies, and share their assessments of its potential role moving forward. The policy forum also launched an IPI publication on the same subject written by Daniel Forti, IPI Senior Policy Analyst.

Opening Remarks:
Ambassador Pascale Baeriswyl, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN
Brigadier General Roland Margueritte, Head of the Defense Mission, Permanent Mission of France to the UN

Mr. Daniel Forti, IPI Senior Policy Analyst
Ms. Ayaka Suzuki, Director of Strategic Planning and Monitoring, UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General
Ms. Rania Dagash, Chief, Policy and Best Practices Service, UN Department of Peace Operations
Ms. Jacqueline Seck, Director, Northern Africa Division, UN Departments of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Peace Operations
Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, IPI Senior Adviser

Dr. Adam Lupel, IPI Vice President & COO

Closing Remarks:
Ms. Alice Jacobs, Deputy Political Coordinator and Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom to the UN