IPI’s Forti Briefs African Union Retreat on the UN-AU Strategic Partnership


Daniel Forti, Senior Policy Analyst at IPI’s Brian Urquhart Center for Peace Operations, presented an analysis of the United Nations (UN)–African Union (AU) partnership at a retreat organized for the three African members of the UN Security Council (A3). This retreat, “The A3: Enhancing Africa’s Role within the UN Security Council and the Future of Plus,” was convened by the AU Permanent Observer Mission to the UN in early March 2022. The retreat aimed to support the A3 in strengthening their cohesion so that they could more effectively engage in the UN Security Council and advance collective African positions and decisions. This retreat was the second initiative of its kind.

IPI was invited to present its research during a dedicated session that focused on the UN-AU partnership and opportunities for enhanced collaboration between the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council. Mr. Forti presented analysis based on IPI’s work on the UN-AU partnership, some of which has been recently undertaken in partnership with the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). Mr. Forti’s presentation focused on an in-depth assessment of the UN-AU partnership, interrogated the role of the A3 as a bridge between the two organizations, and identified possible thematic areas that will define the partnership in 2022.

With country-specific or regional situations on the African continent comprising nearly 50 percent of the UN Security Council’s agenda in 2021, collaboration between the UN and AU remains necessary for effective multilateral engagement in the peace and security space. Initiatives to continue improving the coherence between these organizations and their member states will be central to these efforts.