Contact and Address

Vienna Office
Freyung 3
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1-533-8881



, Policy Analyst

Indira Abeldinova joined IPI in August 2013. As Policy Analyst, Indira focuses on the impact of energy on security and promotion of energy cooperation to prevent and defuse energy-related…

, Office & Events Manager

Johanna Borstner is Office & Events Manager at IPI’s office in Vienna. She has been with IPI since October 2010. Johanna manages the front office and is in charge of organizing IPI’s events…

, Office & Events Assistant

Kathrin Kaisinger joined IPI in July 2014. As Office & Events Assistant, she manages the front office and is the first point of contact for visitors. She works closely with the Senior Directors of…

, Program Coordinator

Beatrice joined IPI in May 2016 to support IPI’s work on peace and health for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to provide legal advice and to support IPI´s events. In addition she is…

vienna-office-218 The Vienna office is located in the Palais Harrach in the historic center of the Austrian capital, close to diplomatic missions, the Austrian foreign ministry and the headquarters of a number of international and nongovernmental organizations.

In addition to carrying out research and providing policy advice, the Vienna office hosts roundtable meetings and high profile speakers on issues related to international peace and security.