IPI Live Events During Ministerial Week of the UN General Assembly

Monday, September 18th at 9:45am EST
Shaping Priorities with States: Cities, Migrants, and Refugees
The event at IPI at the start of the Global Mayors Summit offers an opportunity for city leaders to inform national and international decision-makers of their perspectives and priorities on these issues, bringing their voices to the international arena and engaging with them on the global compacts. Read more>>

Monday, September 18th at 1:45pm EST
The Role of Young People in the Global Compacts for Refugees and Migration
Building on the commitment the international community has expressed through the Compact for Young People in Humanitarian action, this event will provide a platform for young people to discuss directly with lead UN and other agencies involved in the consultations and negotiations for the two Global Compacts. Read more>>

Wednesday, September 20th at 9:00am EST
Strengthening the Foundations of Peace: How the 2030 Agenda Reduces Global Levels of Violence and Sustains Peace
In this event, participants will discuss tangible examples of actions that governments, civil society, and the international community are taking to build momentum toward implementing SDG 16 and to operationalize sustaining peace. Read more>>

Thursday, September 21st at 8:15am EST
Promoting the Freedom of Religion or Belief
At this year’s Trygve Lie Symposium, the discussion will focus on ways the international community can work together to protect, respect, and uphold these freedoms. The symposium aims to share best practices and contribute to a constructive discourse to build inclusive and diverse societies. Read more>>

Thursday, September 21st at 1:15pm EST
Changing the “Business as Usual” Model: A New Way to Partner for Peace and the 2030 Agenda
In partnership with the SDG Fund and Concordia, the International Peace Institute will launch a research paper that focuses on the following questions: What does it mean in practice for the private sector to become a partner for sustainable development and sustaining peace? How can companies reduce the risk associated with investing in countries under stress? What tools can be used to scale up investments and unlock the resources needed to implement the 2030 Agenda? Read more>>

Friday, September 22nd at 10:15am EST
Addressing the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen
This event, featuring United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Jamie McGoldrick, aims to raise awareness of the multiple obstacles and challenges faced by the UN and other humanitarian actors on the ground in accessing vulnerable populations and delivering lifesaving assistance. Read more>>

Friday, September 22nd at 1:15pm EST
Investing in Peace and Prevention in the Sahel-Sahara
This policy forum explores the conclusions and recommendations of the second regional conversations on “Investing in Peace and Prevention in the Sahel-Sahara” held in N’Djamena, Chad on May 31 to June 1, 2017. This event followed the first regional conversations held in Dakar in June 2016, and a precursor seminar held in Tunis in November 2015. Read more>>